AEM Expands DashDesign Software Applications

AEM‘s latest DashDesign Software update (1.04.10) enhances functionality of CD-5 & CD-7 Carbon dash devices for racing, track-day, hot rod, and powersports applications, according to the company.

This update allows CD Carbon dashes to receive channels from even more OBDII CAN-based factory ECUs.

The update, according to AEM, also:

  • Adds a loop logging function so that users never have to worry about losing data when all on-board memory is full
  • Improves the reset button functionality to easily reset other channels like lap counter, session timer and other min/max values independent of the recorded fastest lap
  • Includes support for non-interpolated function tables

New setup files have been added in DashDesign 1.04.10, including more setup files for GPS-enabled CD Carbon dashes, support for Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI system users and support for the Zeitronix ECA ethanol content analyzer.

AEMData logging analysis software 4.01.63 or higher is required to add these new features.

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