AEM EV Launches New Website

AEM Performance Electronics is adding an EV line.

AEM EV has launched its website,, the performance electronics manufacturer announced.

The website provides information on its control solutions for performance EV street conversions and motorsports vehicles, including its programmable Vehicle Control Units (VCUs), Power Distribution Units, CAN-based Keypads, CAN-based Digital Dash Displays, CAN expansion modules and more.

“Although we are still in the early release phase for our EV products, we are really excited to launch this website as it provides a centralized portal to all of the critical information about AEM EV performance control solutions,” commented Lawson Mollica, AEM EV director of Marketing & Public Relations. “Right now, users can browse our products and review their features, but as we validate our products to control more EV applications this site will include all of the critical documentation, software and support mechanisms our customers need to ensure the successful implementation of our products on their EV. This is just the beginning; we have a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon.”

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