Acquisition Propels National Performance Warehouse to West Coast Market

National Performance Warehouse (NPW) has agreed to acquire Pacific Northwest-based Performance Warehouse. The transaction is expected to close Oct. 15.

NPW gains two new warehouses through the transaction-in Hillsboro, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington-as well as three California stores and one store in Idaho.

Performance Warehouse was founded in 1969 and markets performance, truck accessories and traditional parts. The company’s business model and products closely align with NPW, according to the distributor. Both companies are members of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance and the AAM Group.

Performance Warehouse will continue to operate with JR Moore at the helm, and industry veteran Mark Noble overseeing the two warehouse operations and four stores. Meanwhile, Bonnie Delaney will join the NPW marketing team; and the Baxter stores will continue to operate with Ken Moore, Jim Moore and Kim Cham.

“This was a great opportunity to join two businesses with many synergies,” JR Moore said. “The similar culture of NPW and Performance Warehouse will be good for the customers and employees. We are glad to partner with another family run business and a growing company with a national footprint.”

NPW now has 19 warehouses spanning the U.S. and Canada.

“I have been associated with Lyle, JR and the Moore/Baxter families for many years. The common lines and market strategy align with our service, so this is a perfect fit,” said Larry Pacey, president and CEO of NPW. “They run a great operation and we are happy that we could make this deal and continue to expand into major markets.”

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