AccuAir Suspension Partners with Mopar

The brand's Jeep suspension kits will be available at 2,700 Mopar dealers around the country...

AccuAir Suspension has partnered with Mopar to offer the AccuAir Dynamic Suspension Jeep line at 2,700 Mopar dealerships nationwide through the Mopar affiliate program. The line includes the Jeep JK, JL, and JT models. The new kits can lift vehicles up to 4 inches and clear 37-inch tires.

AccuAir Kits are designed to be 100% bolt-on and compensate for heavy off-road bumpers, winches, or side loads from heavy overlanding equipment. The kits increase load capabilities and handling while towing.

The AccuAir kits incorporate auto-leveling technology that ensures the Jeep maintains a balanced alignment, whether its front-to-back load or a heavy side weight. They also eliminate the need for side steps and help people and pets easily enter and exit the vehicle or fit in low garages.

“We understand the unique challenges that come with lifted Jeeps, their handling and weight carrying capabilities. The AccuAir kit not only addresses the long-needed fix for these challenges, but elevates the entire driving experience,” said Mark Turner, president of AccuAir.

The kits are available through the Mopar affiliate program at dealerships.

AccuAir Jeep Kits consist of front & rear air springs, ride height sensor assemblies, front and rear upper control arms, rebuildable tuned shocks, sway bar end links, inflation assembly, air compressor, tank, valve manifold, touch pad controller, ECU, onboard airport, 30 feet of accessory hose, and chucks.

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