ACAT Global to Introduce Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Program

ACAT Global to Introduce Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Program | THE SHOPACAT Global, a developer of emissions control technology for internal combustion engine-powered vehicles, will introduce a theft prevention program at the Valley CAN smog repair event in Madera, California, on Sat., Jan. 22, at the Madera Fairgrounds, the company announced.

The event, which features free vehicle emission screenings and a $500 repair voucher for those failing the test, will include presentations by ACAT Global about its catalytic converters and a new etching program that will help prevent thefts of the units, the company said. Repair vouchers can be used at approved local shops to install a proprietary metallic core converter from ACAT Global.

“Our metallic substrate catalytic converters meet both federal and California emission requirements, yet cost much, much less than those currently on the market,” said Joe Moch, CEO of ACAT Global. “I’ll be on site to explain how they can be installed easily by a local shop when one must be replaced because it doesn’t function or was stolen. Given the high cost of fuel today, ensuring your vehicles is operating properly is crucial to area drivers. And with our new etching program, thieves will avoid stealing ACAT Global units because it will be easy to prosecute them for felony theft.”

Madera area residents are encouraged to bring their vehicle to the Madera Fairgrounds (Madera Fairgrounds, 1850 Cleveland Ave Madera, CA 93637) from 8 a.m. to noon if they think it needs smog-related repairs for a free emissions test. If a vehicle fails, its owner gets a $500 voucher for emission-related repairs at a local STAR-certified smog shop. The money can only be used for diagnostics, smog testing, smog repair work (including catalytic converters) and certification.

This event only provides emissions screenings for gasoline powered vehicles; no diesels are tested. Official smog certificates will not be issued. The data collected is only used for internal reporting and is not shared with outside agencies.

ACAT Global representatives will demonstrate how each catalytic converter will be etched and the information put into a database. If a unit is stolen, the information will be available to law enforcement agencies. They will be alerted when a stolen catalytic converter is sold by a thief.

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