AAPEX New Product and New Packaging Showcase Winners

The winners of the AAPEX 2018 New Product and New Packaging Showcases were announced during an awards ceremony on Oct. 30 at AAPEX in Las Vegas.

To qualify for the 2018 judging process, products and packaging must be new and making their debut at AAPEX 2018. This year, there were a total of 231 products and 49 packaging entries that qualified to participate in the judging process.

Products and packaging were judged within the last two weeks and voted on by AAPEX buyers.

The AAPEX 2018 New Product Showcase winners are:

  • Accessories & General Merchandise: Armor All Protective Mats-RPM Drymate for the Armor All XL Garage Floor Mat
  • Appearance, Chemicals and Car Care: ITW Global Brands for the company’s Rain-X Waterless Carwash and Rain Repellent
  • Automotive Lighting: Baccus Global LLC for the Craftsman 500-lumen handheld flashlight
  • Business Tools & Services: Fuse5 Automotive Software for the Spanish Version of Fuse5 Automotive Software
  • Chemicals, Lubricants & Filters: J-B Weld Co. for the SuperWeld (33120H)
  • Hard Parts: Gates Corp. for the Gates Complete Serpentine Kit
  • Safety: OzCharge America LLC-Zylux Australia for the RescueMate Super Capacitor JumpStarter by OzCharge
  • Tools & Equipment: Magnogrip Inc. for the Pro Utility Magnetic Glove with Touch-Screen

The AAPEX 2018 New Packaging Showcase Winners are:

  • Innovation: Hopkins Manufacturing Corp. for the Oxi Clean Total Interior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner packaging
  • Marketing: Standard Motor Products Inc. for its standard packaging,
  • Performance: Berryman Products Inc. for the Berryman B-12 Chemtool Fuel Injector Cleaner packaging,
  • Protection: BladeGuard for its BladeGuard packaging

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