AACF Launches eBay for Charity Program

The Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation has launched its AACF eBay for Charity program.

“Are you already selling items you no longer need or want on eBay? Now you can select AACF as one of your favorite eBay Charities, and donate automatically when you sell any item,” AACF stated in a news release. “The program is simple. Log in to your eBay account, and photograph and list your item as you normally would. Then, find and select AACF as a favorite charity. Next, select the percentage of the sale you’d like to donate (between 10 and 100 percent.)”

Click to view a video explaining the eBay for Charity program in further detail.

The program also benefits each eBay seller in a variety of ways, according to AACF, including:

  • Charitable listings increase the probability your item will sell
  • 100 percent of your donation goes to AACF
  • PayPal Giving Fund transfers your donation without a fee
  • The eBay Listing Fee is discounted in the amount equal to percentage donated

“This new program makes it easy to help industry families in need,” said Joel Ayres, AACF executive director. “Whether selling a couch or a Camaro, a mountain bike or a Mustang, a heater or a Harley, now folks can support AACF with the sale of unwanted items. And, the donation amount can be customized for each item sold.”

Click to learn more, donate directly to AACF, or to apply for help.

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