AACF Celebrates Its 65th Anniversary

The charitable organization has been helping employees & their families since 1959...

The Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation (AACF), a 501c3 supporting people in the automotive aftermarket industry and their families during the hardest moments of their lives, is marking its 65th anniversary.

Celebrating “decades of heartfelt assistance to families within the automotive aftermarket sector,” the group was originally established in 1959 as AFFTA, and owes its inception to the visionary spirit of Don Schlenger, a well-known figure in the automotive aftermarket industry.

AACF Celebrates Its 65th Anniversary | THE SHOP

“Driven by a deep desire to lend a helping hand, Schlenger, alongside fellow automotive aftermarket industry pioneers, set out on a mission to provide financial aid to employees and their bereaved spouses,” AACF noted in a press release announcing the anniversary. “This act of compassion ignited a powerful movement, shaping AACF into a beacon of hope for countless families enduring hardship.”

Joel Ayres, AACF’s executive director, issued a special thanks to the organization’s volunteer board, many of whom have given their time for years helping its efforts grow and prosper.

“These industry volunteers embody the spirit of compassion that defines our organization,” he stated, adding, “AACF is launching a commemorative fundraiser. These funds will go directly toward supporting the individuals employed in the automotive aftermarket industry who are facing adversity, medical emergency or catastrophic life-changing events. AACF will be announcing more details about this commemorative fundraiser April 1.”

Visit the website for more information about the group’s mission.

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