A Porsche-Inspired Land Cruiser From TLC4X4

The FJ62 build features Porsche-type touches throughout the interior & exterior...

TLC4x4 (TLC) introduces its new 1988 FJ62 inspired by elements in vintage Porsche design. TLC’s newest FJ from its manufacturing center in North Carolina blends the refined one-of-a-kind style of the Porsche with another timeless automotive classic in the Land Cruiser.

A Porsche-Inspired Land Cruiser From TLC4X4 | THE SHOP

“Often, our Land Cruiser builds have fantastic stories behind them, and our newest FJ62 custom is no exception. The truck was commissioned by a longtime Porsche enthusiast. Seeing these subtle touches from Porsche in a Land Cruiser cabin ties together our shared vision,” comments TLC4x4 Owner Daniel Valjevac. “Another cool aspect was that the Land Cruiser had to be from 1988 in tribute to the client’s wedding anniversary. It’s those personal touches that make the FJ62 one-of-a-kind.”

The FJ62 interior echoes the restrained allure of classic Porsche. Seats are upholstered in Relicate Leather with Houndstooth inserts in homage to the iconic Pepita Houndstooth fabric of sixties era Porsche design. 

TLC engineered the door panels of the FJ62 to recall the doors of the classic 911 and integrated other period correct, retro-inspired elements such as a FJ60 Headliner and in-house engineered gauges. The FJ62’s entertainment and audio are provided by a super-premium JVC head unit and Kicker KS Series speakers paired with a subwoofer to ensure a modern audio experience.

A Porsche-Inspired Land Cruiser From TLC4X4 | THE SHOP

The exterior is finished in a Porsche-inspired color with a special Agate Grey Axalta Cromax XP colorway. Further upgrades include the addition of TLC-designed front fender vents, rear 3/4 vents, and TLC4x4 rock sliders for maximum all-terrain travel. All-new trim, rubber designs, and door handles were integrated in order to uphold the authentic feel of the original FJ62. TLC introduced upgraded LED lighting throughout the vehicle with backup lighting and a hidden backup camera. TLC finished the FJ62 with sleekMethod 17” MR 316 Wheels paired with BFG all-terrain tires.

Under the hood lies a robust 430hp LS3 6.2L engine paired with a 6L80 transmission. Further enhancements include the 3” stainless exhaust with GM cats and Magnaflow Mufflers. The FJ62 braking system has been enhanced with DBA rotors and new pads. TLC’s suspension system has been upgraded with OME Springs and FOX Racing Shocks, coupled with a Red Head Steering Box.

A Porsche-Inspired Land Cruiser From TLC4X4 | THE SHOP

The new TLC FJ62 features a powder coated chassis, frame, and axles, guaranteeing exceptional longevity. Staying true to the essence of the original FJ’s design, the TLC4x4 stainless steel fuel tank is integrated underneath the vehicle. TLC made the design decision to allow the spare tire to retain its traditional placement underneath the truck, maximizing space without any compromises to function.

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