4 Wheel Parts’ New Tool to Connect with Consumers

4 Wheel Parts (4WP) has launched a new online portal called The Dirt. The site features vehicle builds, hands-on product reviews, profiles, overlanding articles and other stories written by and for Jeep, truck and UTV aficionados.

Navigating the sprawling jungle of aftermarket products is daunting for anyone so The Dirt aims to boil down builds and mods to a manageable number of choices or options, according to 4 Wheel Parts. The aim is to not only connect with new customers, but to engage and educate longtime supporters on the latest trends and products. Users will have the opportunity to “get to know” products before committing to a part or upgrade. Reviews and apples-to-apples comparisons will also assist with the decision-making process.

“At a time where brands and companies are constantly fighting for the consumer’s attention with sales and promotions, The Dirt gives us a way to entertain and educate our customers while projecting the lifestyle we live and love,” said Joey DiGiovanni, 4WP Director of Creative Marketing and Partnerships. “We have a healthy schedule of video-, editorial- and announcement-based content lined up for 2019 and we feel The Dirt will become one of the most popular lifestyle-driven off-road websites in the industry.”

The Dirt will be helmed by Craig Perronne, a 20-year veteran of the off-road industry and former editor and publisher of Off-Road Adventures Magazine.

“I am super excited to get The Dirt up and running,” Perronne said. “It will be a great way for users to gain knowledge on how to build their vehicles to suit their needs and become aware of the right products to accomplish that. The Dirt will also be about getting out in the dirt and enjoying the off-road life. It is going to be a lot of fun.”

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