4 Wheel Parts Celebrates 60th Anniversary

4 Wheel Parts4 Wheel Parts Celebrates 60th Anniversary | THE SHOP, a retailer of 4×4 and off-roading products, is celebrating its 60th anniversary throughout the month of March, the company announced. To honor its 60 years in the industry, 4 Wheel Parts is offering in-store celebrity appearances, limited time special sales and giveaway events at its 95 retail locations throughout the United States, along with a new product launch.

To celebrate 60 years of 4 Wheel Parts serving up the aftermarket off-road industry, it is offering customers a variety of ways to save throughout the month. The event, to be held March 5-6 in-stores throughout the US and Canada, will include on-site appearances by legends in the off-road industry (e.g., 3-time KOH race winner Jason Scherer), as well as vehicle showcases at local 4WP stores (e.g., Diesel Bros 4WP custom rig at Ogden 4WP Store), huge savings, doorbusters and giveaways of 60th Anniversary commemorative 4WP T-Shirts.

“The evolution of the off-road market over the past 60 years has been an incredible one to watch. From humble beginnings, 4 Wheel Parts opened for business in 1961 as Transamerican Auto Parts. Back then we sold replacement Jeep parts and accessories to small off-road shops and Jeep dealerships that were outfitting enthusiasts’ jeeps to explore the great American outdoors. The off-road industry was entirely different back then,” says Joey DiGiovanni, director of marketing at 4WP.

“From a mail-order catalog on a kitchen table to the first two retail locations in 1976; 4 Wheel Parts has had a long journey,” he continues. “4 Wheel Parts has seen the industry evolve into a community of adventure and off-road enthusiasts who take their outfitted vehicles to an entirely new level and beyond what was ever imagined. No other company has customized more trucks and jeeps in the last 60 years than 4 Wheel Parts. We are proud of 60 years of serving our off-road customers to help them create their dream vehicles, and we look forward to what the next 60 years brings.”

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