3M Releases New Tech Tools for Graphics Manufacturers and Installers

3M has introduced two new digital tools to help shop owners grow their businesses: the 3M Graphics Install Wizard and the 3M Graphics Hub.

The Graphics Install Wizard is a new software application that helps both shop owners and installers, according to 3M. Shop owners can access a database of installers based on location and capabilities, as well as list job opportunities, accept bids and book jobs. The Graphics Install Wizard also serves as a platform to share job details, documents, completion photos and more. For installers, the Wizard is an opportunity to increase visibility and receive more installation work by bidding on new projects.

“The Wizard makes install management easier, especially now, as we work faster in the field” said Nick Lowry, owner of Brand Ink. “It’s a single source of information at your fingertips in the field and offers live project status updates at the office. It makes installation management as smooth and precise as our installations are.”

“The Wizard logs every step of the job,” said Ryan Donovan, operations manager at Grafix Shoppe. “Having that history helps everyone be more accountable if there’s an issue.”

The Graphics Install Wizard is linked to the new Graphics Hub, which is a free online resource center for graphics manufacturers. The Hub offers educational resources, news on the latest innovations and information on different 3M training programs, as well as a look at the latest trends.

“In a demanding industry, the Graphics Hub aims to help GMs keep the creative juices flowing and stay ahead of the competition,” said 3M in a statement.

According to 3M, there is no cost to sign up for and review the Graphics Install Wizard, and it is a free service for graphics manufacturers who use it to locate and manage external installers. There is a nominal monthly subscription fee for managing internal installers, as well as a per-job fee for installers who accept and complete jobs through the software.

The Graphics Install Wizard is available for desktops and as an IOS app. The software is not exclusive to 3M authorized installers, allowing everyone in the industry a chance to use the tools.

To learn more about the Graphic Install Wizard and the Graphic Hub, visit

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