3M Collaborates with Wrapmate to Provide Print-Ready Customers to Graphic Professionals

3m wrapmate3M has announced a partnership with Wrapmate to help businesses improve their brand’s visibility through high quality vehicle graphics and ultimately help graphic professionals find more customers.

Wrapmate is an online platform where business owners can obtain a wrap design by using their business’s website address. Wrapmate uses the URL to scan the website for branded visuals such as logos and imagery and uses them to create a vehicle wrap design. The company says this service helps business owners understand what a vehicle wrap would look like in a 3D environment.

Business owners can also work with Wrapmate, who will interface directly with experienced graphic professionals within the 3M network to complete the job. 3M Certified Graphics Installation Companies and 3M Preferred Graphics Installers within the Wrapmate Pro network can execute these print-ready jobs and work with new customers to further build their brands, the company says.

“The collaboration between 3M and Wrapmate opens the door to new business opportunities for graphic professionals and saves them time so they can focus on creating impactful transformations,” said Troy Kilfoyl of 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “By joining forces with Wrapmate, we are hoping to provide a creative solution to make the vehicle wrap design process easier for graphic professionals and more engaging for businesses everywhere.”

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