Shop Owner Wins Loaded Silverado at Keystone BIG Show

February 27, 2018

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The high drama of a live truck giveaway marked the end of the Keystone BIG Show in Grapevine, Texas on Saturday. Six jobbers had one key each, but only one would start the ignition for the 2015 Chevy Silverado fully customized with TrailFX product.

Jobbers from Auto Additions (Westerville, Ohio), GEM Detailing & Accessories (Elkhart, Indiana), Gold Touch (South Charleston, West Virginia) Marv’s Speed & Auto (Herndon, Pennsylvania), and Tuff Truckin (Albany, Georgia) posed nervously for photographs before the giveaway. Cameras hovered and an audience of about 100 awaited the result.

The pecking order of who would try their key, first through last, was determined earlier. Cal Buckner from Tuff Truckin stepped into the drivers seat for the first try. Crank, crank-”roar! The engine started and instant pandemonium.

Buckner jumped from the truck and into the arms of his partner.

“When I drew the No. 1 key to go first, I thought ‘this is terrible, there’s no way I’m going home with this thing,” Buckner said. “It’s going to make a nice show truck in the shop.”

Standing nearby was Michael Wanegar from Gold Touch. He drew the No. 6 key to win the truck.

“Well, that was anti-climactic,” he said with a smile. “You never see the first key start it.”

Installed accessories on the truck included:

  • TrailFX HD Front Bumper with Hoop
  • TFX Recovery 10K Synthetic Winch
  • TrailFX Lighting 30″ Double Row LED Light Bar
  • TrailFX Lighting Flush Mount LEDs
  • TrailFX Lighting 54″ Double Row Curved LED Light Bar
  • TrailFX Heavy Duty Work Truck Running Boards
  • TrailFX Fender Flares
  • TrailFX Rainguards
  • TrailFX HD Rear Bumper
  • TrailFX Lighting Flush Mount LEDs
  • TrailFX Tonneau Premium Hard Tri Fold
  • Husky Tow 16K-S Fifth Wheel Hitch with Slider Rails
  • Husky Tow Base Rail Brackets
  • Husky Tow Base Rails
  • TrailFX Bed Mat
  • FX Wheels Style FX 14 20×9
  • FX Wheels 2″ Wheel Spacers

To qualify for the truck giveaway jobbers were tasked with selling TrailFX CCI, C2C and Husky Towing products during a promotional period. For every $500 spent, an entry was earned-”additional entries were rewarded for selling $500 monthly of the FX featured product.

The Keystone BIG Show was hosted by Keystone Automotive Operations Feb. 23-24 in Grapevine, Texas.

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