IN REVIEW: Ringbrothers’ SEMA Projects

November 14, 2017

Ringbrothers debuted three custom project rides at the recently held SEMA Show in Las Vegas. See the photos in the gallery below and read in detail about each one.

1956 Ford F-100

Ringbrothers debuted Clem 101 in its booth at the SEMA Show. The Ford F-100 features extensive body modifications, chrome work and newly engineered Ringbrothers billet accessories.

The culmination of a project that began as a rusty 1954 F-100, Clem 101 evolved into a 1956 model when the Rings swapped out the 1954 cab for a 1956. The truck’s bed has been custom built from scratch, while its fenders were widened three-inches and wheel openings were narrowed.

The truck retained its original 1954 grille, which is complemented by modified front and rear bumpers that feature chrome work performed by Advanced Plating. Its doors have also been customized with rounded corners and hand-formed running boards now extend from the front to back fender. All custom bodywork has been finished in BASF Glasurit Speedy P Green, applied with the 3M’s Accuspray system.

The build’s wheelbase has been extended seven-inches in front, utilizing a custom Ford Crown Victoria subframe that was narrowed by 5-inches to fit the F-100. To accommodate this length change, front fenders were also extended forward.

The new billet hood hinges were engineered, as were custom tie downs for the bed. These new billet pieces help highlight Ringbrothers craftsmanship, combining with unique details like a completely machined tailgate and a custom-fabricated trailer hitch.

Clem 101 gets its power from a 415-horsepower 5-liter Ford Coyote crate motor with Ford Racing fuel injection, hooked to a four-speed automatic transmission. Custom stainless steel Flowmaster headers and exhaust give the truck a unique performance tone.

Power is put to the ground through a John’s Industries 9-inch rear end, while a set of RideTech coilovers and four-link rear suspension along with a custom QA1 front sway bar help keep the truck firmly planted around corners. The truck rolls on a set of HRE Vintage Series 545 forged wheels sized at 19×11 in the front and 20×13 in the rear, and is shod in Nitto tires sized 305/35/19 up front and 305/50/20 out back. Bringing Clem to a stop are Baer six-piston disc brakes on all four corners.

Inside, the cabin is equipped with modern conveniences like a KICKER stereo system and a plush custom interior by Upholstery Unlimited. Other highlights include gauges from Classic Instruments and a Vintage Air Gen IV Magnum climate control system.

1972 AMC Javelin

The Ringbrothers also presented the Prestone 1972 AMC Javelin AMX-named Defiant!-at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Unveiled in the Prestone booth by Jim and Mike Ring, Defiant! is arguably the wildest custom vehicle design ever crafted by the Wisconsin based car builders thanks to its extreme appearance, cutting-edge construction techniques and four-digit power output.

When Prestone approached Ringbrothers about the idea of building them a vehicle, the Rings already had a canvas in mind: A 1972 Javelin that had been rolling around their home town for over four decades. With an extremely compressed 12-month timeline, the duo decided to rely heavily on Solidworks digital design tools to render the car’s new panels, which were then brought to life in their machine shop and carbon fiber facility.

The Rings extended the Javelin’s wheelbase by moving the wheels forward 6.5 inches. The car’s distinctive wheel arches were moved forward and recreated in carbon fiber to pair with a new hood, front fenders, grille and front valance. Other custom details include tail lights, bumpers, trim and engine bay accessories all machined out of blocks of aluminum at the Ringbrothers facility.

Defiant! is powered by a Wegner Motorsports 6.2-liter Hemi Mopar Hellcat engine fitted with a Whipple 4.5-liter supercharger that produces a mind-boggling 1,036 horsepower. A Bowler automatic transmission backs the high-powered engine and a sturdy QA1 Carbon Fiber driveshaft transfers power to the wheels.

Other engine highlights include a Holley Dominator fuel management system and wiring harness from Painless Wiring. The Javelin’s growl is audible via custom stainless steel Flowmaster headers and exhaust.

The newly extended wheelbase is supported by a Detroit Speed Hydroformed front subframe originally engineered for a Camaro. The Rings installed Detroit Speed rack and pinion steering, as well as front sway bars and RideTech shocks for a smooth ride. The front suspension is complemented by a Chevy 12-bolt rear end fitted with a custom four-link suspension built by the Rings.

Key interior features include a KICKER sound system, Classic Instruments gauges, a Vintage Air Gen IV Magnum Evap Kit and custom seats by Upholstery Unlimited. Defiant! rolls on a set of HRE Performance Wheels sized at 20×11 in the front and 20×13 in the rear, all wrapped in Michelin tires sized 285/30/20 up front and 335/30/20 out back.

To finish the look of the car and highlight the body work, the exterior of Defiant! is coated in a rich, BASF Glasurit color named Jalop Gold.

Mopar Build

The Rings also unveiled Defector-an extensively modified 1969 Dodge Charger-at the SEMA Show.

Defector retains the iconic bodylines of one the most popular Mopars ever built, as Ringbrothers incorporated original styling cues with modifications to convey a factory appearance. More than 4,700 hours were devoted to the build, to seamlessly present a thoroughly modified exterior that exudes the aggressive styling of the original ’69.

The largest deviation from the original Charger is the body work performed toward its rear. Jim and Mike Ring started with a locally sourced Charger body, shortened the car by 2 inches through the trunk area and extended the wheel base by 3 inches. Consequently, the side rockers were lengthened and quarter panels were lowered and extended. A Detroit Speed Hydroformed Subframe sits below the body with rack and pinion steering, front sway bars and four-link rear suspension. To highlight the body work, Defector is coated in a rich custom BASF Glasurit color named Greener On The Other Side. Meticulous chrome work was performed by Advanced Plating to further complement the body modifications.

During the build process the Rings created a front valance that appears lower than factory standard. Rear wheel wells were opened to expose custom 19-inch HRE machined wheels – sized 19×11 up front, 19×13 out back – with custom Ringbrothers hubcaps. The wheels were wrapped in Michelin rubber sized 285x35x19 in the front and 345x35x19 in the back.

Six-piston Baer brakes were installed to help the Mopar come to a smooth stop.  Defector is powered by a 6.4-liter Hemi engine with custom Flowmaster headers and exhaust.

The Charger’s interior may look and feel like the original ’69, but it is actually furnished with upgraded front seats customized by Upholstery Unlimited. Other highlights include gauges from Classic Instruments, Vintage Air’s Gen IV Magnum Evap Kit and an Alpine sound system.

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