Yakima’s Overlanding Accessories Gain Powerful Supporter

It becomes even more clear that the accessorizing trend is gaining traction when automotive manufacturers are folding in trendy items as available features on new models. Such is the case for Ford, which just last week rolled out its totally redesigned 2020 Ford Explorer to the media, and announced that Yakima will offer a full line of overlanding accessories to fit the totally redesigned sixth-generation Explorer.

The Yakima lineup, also available on the new Ford Ranger, includes more than 20 accessories, such as racks for bikes, kayaks, canoes, skis, snowboards and more, which Ford representatives said says allows new Explorer owners to “customize their vehicle to suit their adventurous lifestyle.”

The Explorer and Ranger products will be available at Yakima retailers as well as online and at Ford dealerships. The Yakima lineup will also be coming to the F-150 and Super Duty pickups in the near future, according to Ford.

“We have a whole collection of Yakima racks and accessories built for getting outdoors,” said Summer Henderson, Yakima brand director. “These are for road-tripping, camping, biking; we have a little over 20 accessories that we’ve worked with the Ford accessory team to curate into a great collect for families and anybody looking to purchase the 2020 Explorer.”

The 2020 Ford Explorer goes on sale this summer.

Keith Turner

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