Why Your Customers Want Safety Upgrades

According to Allstate Insurance, the second most frequent type of car accident is when a parked car is hit by a moving one. Driver awareness is a key factor in most accidents; however, many vehicles have inherent blind spots, especially larger vehicles like SUVs and minivans. This issue is magnified when navigating through tight parking lots that have undersized stalls.

The automotive industry has been under pressure to add features designed for safety around the vehicle, but some are only available as upgrades. Even if a vehicle does have a safety feature like a backup camera, drivers still have a limited view caused by blind spots, especially the corners of autos.

How many cars are on the road with the corner of a bumper buckled or scratched, likely caused by reversing into an obstruction? Now that you’re looking for them, probably a lot! What about the thousands of vehicles already on the road not equipped with this latest technology? This provides an excellent opportunity for shop owners to upgrade these used cars with collision prevention features. Safety isn’t any less of a priority for them, especially those with children.

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CrimeStopper has taken an innovative approach to safety/collision avoidance by launching a premium park assist module that can be used on either the front or rear of metal or plastic bumpers. Shop owners can keep inventory levels low by stocking just one kit, since the front/rear configuration is based on how the input triggers are wired. The sensor range is also adjustable to accommodate car accessories like bike racks, tow hitches and spare tires. An optional LED or LED with voice prompt can also be installed for additional guidance.

For more information, see the PARK-PMCU from CrimeStopper.

Adding a backup sensor system can easily provide an extra level of safety to help drivers avoid these types of fender benders. Retrofit kits like those offered by CrimeStopper can easily be installed on nearly any vehicle year/make/model. These kits are equipped with a variety of detection sensors along with options for alerting the driver using audible or visual methods.

The most common type of parking sensor is one designed to be installed in the bumper itself. Typically, a small hole is drilled into the bumper and the sensor is snap-fitted into place. They are fairly flush with the bumper and may only protrude 1-2 mm. Some sensors can only be mounted in either metal or plastic bumpers.  It’s best to carry sensors that can be installed in both types to further keep inventory levels low. Since preserving aesthetics is important, most sensors can easily be painted to match the vehicle’s color scheme.

There are also collision avoidance systems designed for driving on roadways. The BSD-200 utilizes microwave sensors that can be mounted behind plastic bumpers, so no components are visible. This is specifically designed to help drivers avoid merging into occupied lanes, keeping all occupants in the vehicle safe.

More information on collision avoidance kits can be found on the CrimeStopper website at crimestopper.com.

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