Why Shops Are Finding Value in Virtual Product Expos

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In-person trade shows have become less appealing than they used to be. Some of the reasons behind this shift relate to post-COVID consequences, while others are more longstanding issues that are finally catching up to people who are otherwise worn out by the world’s cumulative challenges. In our experience, there are currently three main barriers to in-person trade shows:

  1. Prohibitive travel expenses
  2. Time and staffing
  3. Information overload (much of it not focused on products)

1. Expensive to Travel

Flying or driving across the country for a trade show may not yield the best ROI for your shop. Flights can cost thousands of dollars, and with the volatile cost of oil, gas prices are sure to keep fluctuating. Add in hotel costs and meals, and you’re potentially looking at an eye-opening expenditure—especially if you plan to take anyone on your team with you.

Virtual product expos bypass all of these objections. If structured thoughtfully, they let you consume content at your own pace without leaving the comfort of your shop, are free to attend for your entire team, and feature product-focused content that addresses your unique focus

2. Not Enough Time or Staff

Finding good help is harder than ever. For the owner or manager of a shop to step way from their business for a few days, other responsible team members must be present to keep things running in their absence. If you don’t have the right team, you’re relegated to staying back, where you miss out on new product releases or training that could help your business.

Imagine that you could virtually learn about new products without leaving home and on your own time. Instead of taking days away from your shop, you’re setting aside 10 minutes or less per day to learn about the products your customers are soon going to be asking about. Sounds convenient, huh?

3. Information Overload

If you’ve ever been to an in-person trade show, you know how difficult it can be to actually have an important business conversation, with salespeople, multimedia, demonstrations, and various other spectacles all vying for your attention. Too polite to say “No, thank you,” you come away thinking, “Now where was I going?”

Virtual product expos give you the space to concentrate on just the content you want to consume. If you’re a specialty Jeep shop, for example, you may not be interested in the latest products in categories not made for Jeeps—so you can skip them.

There’s Good News

Why Shops Are Finding Value in Virtual Product Expos | THE SHOPPresented by The AAM Group, The Event is back for 2022—bigger and better than ever. The aftermarket’s best virtual product expo will again be hosted by Stacey David, who will be joined by product experts pulled from AAM Group member distributors. They will guide you through the year’s hottest new products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Kicking off Nov. 28, The Event is completely FREE to attend, and you’re automatically entered to win daily prizes just for watching.

Each day The Event will present a new category video supported by focused deep-dive videos for attendees who want to know more about the features and benefits of individual products. Clocking in at 10 minutes or less, category videos are quick and easy to watch on demand. Check in before work, after work, or during lunch without missing valuable time away from your counter.

Why Shops Are Finding Value in Virtual Product Expos | THE SHOPIn addition, The Event is giving away more daily prizes than ever, including shop stools and roll-up tool bags from Iconic Accessories, apparel like tees and caps, and TEN Traeger Pro Series 22 grills valued at $600 each. To be eligible to win a prize, just watch a category video the day it airs; winners will be randomly chosen from among that day’s viewers.

To become your local authority on the year’s most exciting new products, sign up for The Event FREE at AAMEvent.com/register. Getting early looks at these products will give you the edge over the competition going into next year. If you’re looking for a great way to grow your aftermarket accessories or performance shop—all while saving money, time, and stress—The Event is the expo for you.

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