Why Ignoring Marketing Strategy is Costing Your Aftermarket Shop Money

If you’ve spent hours posting on social media, buying ads and doing email marketing only to produce zero conversions, you might be in trouble. Without a solid well-defined strategy, the hard work of promoting your shop online will go to waste. You’ll lose out on converting new customers and it’ll cost your shop a whole lot of time and money.

There’s no point in spending all that time and effort promoting your shop online if you don’t have a great marketing strategy to back up your work.

When it comes to promoting, talking about and marketing your shop, you should have an in-depth strategy to ensure that all your efforts are effective and you reach all your goals.

In a recent blog post from Motorhead Digital, the firm goes in-depth on marketing strategy and why all effective digital marketing plans are supported by a well-defined strategy.

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A.J. Hecht

A.J. Hecht is the managing editor of THE SHOP and host of the In Gear with THE SHOP podcast. Have an idea, a tip, or a question you’d like to see answered? Contact A.J. at ahecht@cahabamedia.com.

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