Video: Rossi, Pastrana, Duffy Take Over IMS

The winter months can often slow down the fun on the motorsports front, with icy roads and snow causing most race vehicles to be stowed away for spring. But for Travis Pastrana, Alexander Rossi and Gregg Duffy, plunging temps just meant they wouldn’t be bothered as they let themselves into Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a day of high-octane fun.

Given free rein with the ‘Keys to the Track,’ the three had run of the expansive venue and took full advantage, making it their personal playground for Pastrana’s rallycar, Rossi’s IndyCar and Duffy’s dirt bike.

They made the most of the snow on the ground and the icy conditions, sliding into Gasoline Alley, ripping around the track, drifting through the dirt oval and even zipping through the in-track golf course, culminating with a massive triple jump, where the three coordinated a feat that saw Pastrana jumping his rally car over Rossi’s IndyCar, with Duffy launching high in the air, doing a backflip over both vehicles.

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