VIDEO: Making the Electric Sport Utility Truck

Bollinger Motors has released a short movie delving into the design process and technology behind its all-electric Bollinger B1 Sport Utility Truck (SUT). The truck was a capstone to company founder Robert Bollinger’s lifelong childhood dream of one day designing and creating a vehicle of his own.

“The B1 really came out of a sudden brainstorm to combine into one truck all the things I needed for use on my farm,” said Robert Bollinger, Bollinger Motors founder. “Unfortunately, the light-duty truck hasn’t really evolved much in the last century. I found myself really wanting one all-purpose vehicle that could perform daily farm duties, remote construction projects, exploring off-road, and more. The underlying concept behind the B1 was make the truck incredibly capable and strong.”

The Bollinger B1 has all-wheel drive with 50/50 weight distribution, 15 inches of ground clearance, and carrying capacity for as many as 72 sheets of ½-inch drywall or 24 long 2x4s. The 100-percent electric SUT will deliver a minimum 200-mile range and can also be used as a remote power source for electric tools and power for off-grid domiciles. It features an all-aluminum chassis and body with a dual-motor electric powertrain married to a 120-kWh battery pack. The 5,000-pound truck has a payload capacity of 5,000 pounds, and an adjustable suspension can vary ground clearance from 10 to 20 inches.

The build video above introduces the collective minds behind the EV truck. Each Bollinger Motors team member describes their contribution towards making the prototype truck. Echoing the Bollinger design objective of distilling down everything that isn’t absolutely essential to the overall build, the video itself is rendered in black-and-white, according to the company. The video documents the 20-month-long process of conceiving the vehicle from an idea to creating a prototype, to revealing it for the first time to the public.

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