VIDEO: Hellwig President Warns Tariffs Could Increase Product Pricing

Hellwig has released the above video featuring company president, Melanie Hellwig White, discussing how U.S. tariffs on imported steel and aluminum are affecting the local economy and the industry.

“The recent tariffs put in place by Washington on imported steel and aluminum have caused an immediate spike in prices for domestically-produced steel, due to both an increase in demand and speculation in the metal markets,” according to a statement from the company in a news release. “Because of skyrocketing raw material costs, American manufacturers using domestic raw materials are being forced to either slash margins (which can affect jobs) or raise prices-while companies that manufacture overseas are unaffected, as there are no new tariffs on imported finished goods.

“Hellwig is dedicated to transparency in both the industry and its local community, and this video is meant to show the real-life effects a trade war has on small business, even if said business has been doing the right thing and buying American-made materials for generations.”

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