Utilizing Chemical Tools

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The automotive professional is familiar with his tools and knows how to handle them. This applies equally to chemical tools – namely additives.

In many cases, they are a clever choice not just from the technological point of view, but also in economical terms. “Good money can be earned with additives,” says David Kaiser, head of research and development at LIQUI MOLY.Utilizing Chemical Tools | THE SHOP

Modern engines are very sensitive to contamination in the system. This is the price we pay for their great efficiency.

“In order to prevent or eliminate problems, it’s important to use cleaning additives as part of the day-to-day workshop routine,” said Kaiser. LIQUI MOLY offers Pro-Line Engine Flush to remove dirt and deposits from the oil circuit during an oil change. The fresh oil then goes into a clean engine, so it can achieve maximum performance. When it comes to cleaning the fuel system, LIQUI MOLY offers Jectron for gasoline engines and the Super Diesel Additive for diesel engines. Both additives remove deposits on the injection nozzles, thereby restoring original performance and fuel consumption.

A motor serviced in this way is less likely to cause problems on the road and expensive repairs, such as replacing the injectors. “If you explain these advantages to customers, many are happy to invest a little extra in additives now to save a lot of money later,” said Kaiser.

Additives are useful chemical tools for newer cars, but older vehicles stand to benefit from them even more.

Utilizing Chemical Tools | THE SHOP

Firstly, preventive maintenance and cleaning – as applied to modern vehicles – is often even more effective in older cars, because much more dirt has accumulated in the engine over the years. When the accumulated dirt is removed, the results are striking.

Secondly, older vehicles suffer from problems that can be dealt with more quickly, easily and cheaply using additives than by applying mechanical methods. Oil loss is one example. Instead of dismantling everything and replacing the seals, a product like LIQUI MOLY’s Motor Oil Saver can be added to the oil. The active ingredients regenerate hardened seals so that they can once again function reliably.

Additives open business opportunities with customers who would otherwise refrain from spending more money for mechanical repairs. “Thanks to the low costs, many car owners are grateful to the workshop for these clever solutions,” says David Kaiser.

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