This Old Truck: 1942 Ford SnoGo

In the latest episode of his YouTube series, “This Old Truck,” Winslow Bent, founder of Legacy Classic Trucks, takes a look at a vehicle from his own collection: a 1942 Ford Marmon-Herrington SnoGo.

The 1942 Ford Marmon-Herrington SnoGo is outfitted with a rear 501 cubic inch international Red Diamond straight 6 gas engine. The fuel tank on this vehicle is gravity fed, meaning it aggressively dumps fuel into the engine at a fast rate given that the SnoGo can plow straight into a snowbank and go from having no load to immediately working hard to keep the machine running at 2,000 RPMs throughout.

Additionally, what helps these SnoGo’s continue through large snow banks is the upgraded four-wheel-drive system from Marmon-Herrington. The 1942 Ford SnoGo used to be a standard 2-ton Ford truck with the cab and engine in the front until Marmon-Herrington’s four-wheel-drive systems were put into place to give these machines more stability and strength when plowing the highways.

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