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Common to all shops is the need for tech support when a technician is at the crossroads of diagnosing troublesome issues or simply figuring out how something fits. We all have those days when everything goes just right, and conversely, we have all had those days when nothing goes as planned. These are the days when the simple three-hour job can take a whole day and set your week on fire.

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RANDYS Worldwide has been engineering aftermarket drivetrain parts for over 40 years. RANDYS engineering starts with off-road and performance racing where the most brutal of forces all converge. The Yukon Gear & AxleUSA Standard Gear and Zumbrota Drivetrain brands by RANDYS are proven in quality and performance and lead the aftermarket in gears, axles, lockers, kits, transfer cases and more. Call RANDYS at 866-887-4487 to talk about your build and get the most of out of your investment. RANDYS is your one-stop shop for all your drivetrain needs.

The question is, how do you handle those jobs when your diagnostic of an issue didn’t work? When your install seemed right because you’ve done it this way a thousand times before? It could be the part, it could be the vehicle, it could just be one those days.

This is when having a solid backup from your manufacturer really comes in to play. You can buy parts from just about anywhere these days but who can you trust to back you when things aren’t perfect and a little bit of help can go a long way.

When it comes to drivetrains, RANDYS Worldwide has some of the best technicians, chat and phone support you can find. Installation of a drivetrain can be quick and efficient when it all fits perfect. Simple installation of new gears, kits and traction when the parts are new can take some time, but for the most part, if you’ve done it before, you can do it again.

It’s the diagnostics of simple vibrations, chatter and noises that can make for a longer day. But the guys at RANDYS have been doing this for over 30 years and one quick call can make the difference between a job taking a few hours or a long day under the rig. We talked to the techs at RANDYS and found some common calls that they receive frequently.

How to Identify Your Differential & Axle Type

The first thing you have to know is how to identify what you’re working on. From cover bolt count, to integrated or drop out and axle types of semi, full float and more.

How to Identify and Reduce Positraction Chatter

Chatter between clutch packs is common when installing a new positraction. The first thing to consider is if you remembered the friction modifier. This is a common and simple miss that can be a quick solution to any issue. A good gear oil like a GL5 or 80W 90 oil will normally do the trick before having to start over.

How to Measure a Semi-float Rear Axle Shaft

Setting the backlash on a ring & pinion can be time consuming unless you know the proper steps. Starting with your factory carrier shims, make sure that they are clean and clear of any grit or grease before moving on. With the carrier assembly installed, attach your dial indicator with the plunger at a 90-degree angle from the face of the ring gear. Finding three locations on the gear is the most common fault when rushing through the install.

Gear Tooth Contact Patterns Explained

Setting up a ring & pinion can sometimes seem daunting and when tricky patterns begin to show up, downright frustrating. But it not as difficult as it seems. Centering between the toe and heel, the top and the bottom can be easily found with small changes. When it’s not working properly, a quick call to isolate your problem can make all the difference

There are great manufacturers out there that provide tech support, whether it’s a tuner, exhaust, engine diagnostic tools, carburetors or whatever. You can use this tech support system to not only move forward with your installation, but get a few tech tips and learn something at the same time. It’s about time and efficiency and getting that next car in to the bay. Just remember to treat each of them right and be the guy who will call for help. When it comes to drivetrain, call RANDYS Tech line 800-330-2206. We’re here to help. Or visit Yukon Gear’s YouTube pages and find over 100 videos to get you through your day.

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