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PowerGlide Retractable Running Board

The PowerGlide Retractable running board by Steelcraft is a game changer designed to transform your vehicle experience...

Introducing the PowerGlide Retractable running board by Steelcraft, the game-changing innovative product designed to transform your vehicle experience. With its sleek design and durable construction, this cutting-edge running board effortlessly extends when the door opens providing you with a safe and seamless entry and exit. Equipped with intelligent technology it adapts to your vehicle ensuring a secure step with its anti-slip surface. Say goodbye to awkward maneuvers, and hello to effortless accessibility.
Upgrade your adventure with Steelcraft’s new PowerGlide running boards and embrace a new level of convenience and style.
PowerGlide Retractable Running Board | THE SHOP
• Power step extends when doors open, and retracts when doors close
• Aluminum extruded boards
• Single-motor design automatically deploys and retracts boards
• Textured ant-slip step surface
• Integrated LED lights illuminate the boards when deployed
• Equipped with safety stop if obstruction is detected
• Easy, no-drill installation
• Includes vehicle-specific installation guide and mount kit
• Mounts to vehicle’s rocker panel
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