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Featured Product: Profitable Plug-and Play Power With aFe POWER Scorcher Power Modules

Scorcher offers different power outputs for your customer's driving needs...

A true plug-and-play power module, the Scorcher Power Modules from aFe POWER offers dyno-proven power gains, some applications offering 4 different settings for every driving condition.

Easy to install, easy to remove, yet provides a significant boost in power. All without the hassle of compromising your customer’s factory ECU. Scorcher GT, Scorcher HD, and Scorcher Blue Power Modules are available for most cars, trucks, Jeeps and SUV applications. Check out the aFe POWER website for all applications.

Increases Power and Performance:
The Scorcher GT, Scorcher HD, and Scorcher Blue Power modules increase turbo boost (where applicable), and/or fuel pressure, to smooth out throttle response and increase overall vehicle performance with proven power gains on the dyno.

Direct Plug and Play Power:
Designed with factory-style connectors, it easily connects to engine sensors for a quick and simple install. The LED control switch can be routed through the firewall into the cabin or connected to the module via Bluetooth (Scorcher Blue models only) with the smartphone app.

On-the-Fly Power Adjustments:
In-cabin, on-the-fly power adjustments can be made to accommodate your customer’s driving needs. Select one of four power settings on the in-cab LED control switch or control the module remotely via the free iOS or Android app (Scorcher Blue). The smartphone connects to the module via Bluetooth and displays engine parameters.

4-Power Settings:
This Power module has 4-power settings loaded and identifiable with the LED light on the switch or smartphone app. Stock (Green), Sport (Yellow), Sport+ (Orange), and Race (Red).

Scorcher Blue App:
The aFe POWER Scorcher Blue app is free on the IOS Store and Google Play store and allows the smartphone device to become a handheld remote for the module. It also boosts pressure or fuel pressure (depending on the application), allowing you to customize each power mode, upgrade to the latest revision, and even measure 0 to 60 and 1/4-mile times.

What’s in the box: Scorcher Power Module, high-quality case & wire harness w/ factory style connectors. 4-way adjustable controller with most model applications.

aFe POWER Scorcher power modules are engineered and manufactured in our Corona, California facility.

To learn more about aFe POWER Scorcher Power Modules, click here.

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