Shop Earns Loyal Customers with Monthly Event

*See above for photo essay documenting JBA Speed Shop’s event

Horsepower Junkies united for the Feb. 11 rendition of a popular car event held every month at the JBA Speed Shop in San Diego.

J. Bittle runs the shop and about 10 years ago he started to add some excitement to the second Sunday of every month (year ’round) in the JBA parking lot. It’s a fun Coffee and Cars gathering, a car show that also opens the doors to the shop. It’s a place to talk cars, look at cars, gather new potential customers and to celebrate the current and previous customers by showing off their rides. The event features cars, trucks, SUVs, Broncos, Jeeps, and a variety of vehicles-something to see no matter what your tastes are in high-performance.

It also brings out all types of people, car owners and car enthusiasts in general, for a true sense of car community and interesting, informative, friendly conversations. The event runs from 6:30 a.m. to around 10 am, and then on with the day for all. What makes this one a little different from others, there’s a burnout box to do some static and quick burnouts. After all, high-performance cars need to flex their muscles every once in a while.

With a loyal audience every month and great vehicle turnout (it never rains in Southern California) J.Bittle has found that is valuable time spent with his staff and customer base, and a good time is had by all. There’s nothing like the smell of burnt rubber in the early morning air.

James Maxwell

James Maxwell is an automotive journalist and historian based in Southern California. Contact him at imax@roadrunner.com.

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