Retro Designs Introduces Custom 1965 C2 Sting Ray

Retro Designs has introduced a custom, 430-horsepower 1965 C2 Sting Ray, the company announced.

“The C2 really is one of the all-time American automotive classics. These were the last of the front-engined models as Corvette looked at mid-mounted or rear options for the C3,” said Retro Designs General Manager Daniel Valjevac. “1965 was such an amazing moment in Corvette’s history with minds like Duntov and Wilson working on the future of the marque alongside Corvette legends like Larry Shinoda. The 1965 C2 represented the best version to date of the Sting Ray design that was just in front of masterpieces coming up such as the L88 and Mako Shark II (XP-830). Our Retro Designs build is defined by a classic, timeless Corvette aesthetic paired with amazing performance. Great driving and speed have always defined Corvette, which is why Retro Designs restored and modified this C2 so the client could enjoy the vintage car as Corvette originally intended in modern conditions.”

Built on a custom modern Corvette chassis from Street Shop, Retro Designs restored the Sting Ray with modern C7 underpinnings and suspension, the designers said. The chassis frame is custom-built to fit the freshly restored vintage C2 body, and slides onto the modern C7 chassis. Powering the 1965 Sting Ray is a 430-horsepower naturally aspirated LS3 mated to a six-speed transmission.

The Retro Designs 1965 C2 custom features an independent rear suspension and shock coilovers throughout, allowing the vintage Corvette custom to drive like a modern sports car, Retro Designs said. Wilwood disc brakes provide stopping power to all four corners of the vehicle, which rides on Nitto Motivo tires and Beyern Spartan wheels. Retro Designs also engineered a three-inch Stainless-Steel exhaust to assist with the vehicle’s new output.

The C2 dashboard is wrapped in fresh new black leather and the seats are custom shaped to provide more support to driver and passenger. Retro Designs incorporated a modern center console into the C2 and also included a hidden Bluetooth module into the build, as well as a new sound system.

“Our goal at Retro Designs is to bring classic cars back to life and allow clients to enjoy them safely without any of the issues that can come up with driving a vintage restoration,” said Valjevac. “Our new 1965 C2 Sting Ray is a car that came to us from a client that wanted a custom with all the beautiful styling of the C2 in a car that could be driven in modern conditions. Our goal is to join impeccable restoration with modern performance that delivers all the smiles and fun that can be had out there on the road today.”

Retro Designs Introduces Custom 1965 C2 Sting Ray | THE SHOP

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