Racing Performance Taken from the Track to Your Feet

PUMA and Pirelli have partnered to create a racing-inspired shoe. The new Replicat-X shoe was inspired by Pirelli’s CINTURATO Blue tire, a product used at the highest levels of racing, according to the company. 

The Replicat-X sports an oversized full rubber outsole, with a molded sock-liner. Pirelli’s unique CINTURATO Blue tread pattern on the sole-”used to generate maximum traction during wet races-”provides grip and control for the power under consumers’ feet.

“Fast as a bullet, aerodynamic as a racing car, the shoe’s upper features a perforated Microfiber-suede on the vamp, with lateral mesh panels for breathability, providing the perfect fit to own the road,” according to PUMA.

The shoe will be released under the PUMA Motorsports line.

“We will break through the ordinary, tear down the trackside barriers and accelerate into the streets at full throttle,” the company stated in a news release.

The Replicat-X will be pre-launched on May 15 on puma.com.

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