Project Vehicle Sandwich Outside the SEMA Show

*See a few vehicles by Pfaff Designs shown at SEMA

Murray Pfaff of Detroit’s Pfaff Designs joined THE SHOP’s Anthony Bowe for an interview on Day 3 of the 2018 SEMA Show-”watch it above. Pfaff, who collaborates with builders and shops that build one-off masterpieces, shared his thoughts on SEMA showstoppers this year, the inspiration behind his designs, and why getting the aftermarket involved in the local community is a big deal.

For additional information visit pfaffdesigns.com or drop a line on Pfaff’s Facebook page at facebook.com/PfaffDesigns

This video is sponsored by Alliant Insurance Services-”learn more at seiainsurance.com.

Anthony Bowe

Anthony Bowe is the former digital content editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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