Photo Gallery: ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Car Show at ArtCenter College of Design

Once a year, Pasadena, California’s, ArtCenter College of Design opens up its campus, classrooms and workshops to the public. At its latest gathering, the overall theme was ‘One of a Kind: Vehicles that Stand Alone.’ Some of the more famous alumni that attended included the likes of Chip Foose, Freeman Thomas, Jeff Zwart, Larry Erickson and Dave Marek, all of whom participated in interesting seminars all about their early involvement in automotive design. There was also a panel discussion with General Motors Performance exterior designer Tom Peters, where the talk was all about the new mid-engined Corvette (of which two examples were brought to the event).

ArtCenter loyalist Jay Leno did plenty of talking as well, and one of his interviews was with Lucid Motors’ VP of Design Derek Jenkins. Foose spent a lot of time sharing his stories all about how he got to where he is today in the design world. In addition to all the cool display vehicles, the event also serves as an informal “open house” with demonstrations that took place inside the technical labs and workshops of the college. Family-friendly activities included sketching workshops, a great way to get young car enthusiasts to show their ideas of they feel the cars of the future could look like.

No matter what your particular automotive passion may revolve around, chances are there was something that would have captivated your interests at this gathering. In all, some 2,000 connoisseurs of past, present and future mobility were part of the fun, and that offered fantastic opportunities for interesting and informative conversations throughout the day. For information on the 2020 running of this event, click here.

James Maxwell

James Maxwell is an automotive journalist and historian based in Southern California. Contact him at imax@roadrunner.com.

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