Noise Cancelling Wind Diffuser For Roof Mounted LED Light Bars By ZROADZ

The ZROADZ patented Noise Cancelling Wind Diffusers provides an easy method to silence noisy roof mounted LED light bars. The simple installation process is designed to work with most standard heat sink LED light bars and will virtually eliminate wind noise caused by the airflow passing around the light bar.

ZROADZ Wind Diffusers are a must-have for any roof mounted LED light bar. ZROADZ has configuration options for LED light bars straight and curved, double row and single row, 40 in. – 52 in. in length. All ZROADZ Wind Diffusers have a powdercoated gloss-black finish. ZROADZ Wind Diffusers are designed and made in USA. Includes limited lifetime product warranty and three year warranty on the finish.

A.J. Hecht

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