Nissan Adds Z NISMO Model

Nissan has introduced a new NISMO Model for its Z sports car, the automaker announced.

The NISMO grade builds on the capabilities of the Z Sport and Performance grades with additional horsepower and torque, NISMO-tuned suspension and brakes, revised aerodynamic bodywork, stiffened suspension, and wider wheels with a more aggressive tire compound, the company said.

Interior enhancements include red-anodized engine-start and drive mode buttons, manual-adjust Recaro seats and a leather and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel with a red marker at the 12 o’clock position.

Exterior updates to the NISMO model were specifically engineered to improve aerodynamic performance on the racetrack, Nissan engineers said. As a result of the changes, Z NISMO produces positive downforce.

The front of Z NISMO features a styling element called the “Grand-Nose” or “G-Nose,” which extends farther forward than on other grades and recalls the similar design of the Nissan Fairlady 240ZG, designers said.

The new front fascia also features a restyled grille opening with the thinnest honeycomb mesh of any Nissan production car. Canards at the car’s front corners create vortexes over the front wheels, further benefiting aerodynamic performance.

Complementing the G-Nose is a taller, wider rear spoiler (compared to Z Performance) with a three-piece design that extends onto the rear fenders. The rear bumper corners are reshaped to aid with air separation and reduced drag; their shape is inspired by that on GT-R NISMO. Z NISMO’s redesigned side sills also help reduce aerodynamic drag and lift, the automaker said.

Above the window line, Z NISMO features with a dark metallic gray version of the car’s katana-blade styling element. Additionally, it has a black-painted roof and gloss black 19-inch RAYS wheels.

Nissan Adds Z NISMO Model | THE SHOP

Z NISMO’s bodywork is available in a choice of five colors: Black Diamond Pearl, Brilliant Silver, Passion Red TriCoat, Everest White Pearl TriCoat and NISMO-exclusive Stealth Grey.

Z NISMO takes the twin-turbo engine’s power outputs up to 420 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque, increases of 20 hp and 34 lb-ft compared to other Z grades. The engine’s horsepower enhancements were achieved through a combination of improved cooling, revised electronic wastegate control providing increased turbocharger boost and turbine speed, and an independent ignition spark timing strategy inspired by GT-R NISMO, the company said. Z NISMO also features an enhanced engine oil cooler for extended track performance.

The Z NISMO exclusively uses a nine-speed automatic transmission with revised clutch packs allowing for faster shifting. In addition to Normal and Sport, Nissan added a new Sport+ drive mode. This delivers a more dynamic, racetrack-tuned shift program for circuit driving, engineers said.

Nissan designers also custom tuned the suspension that features Z NISMO-specific stabilizer bars, a stiffer spring rate and larger, retuned dampers.

The Z NISMO wears Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX GT600 tires, a version of which are also used on GT-R. The rear tires measure 10 millimeters wider than those equipped on Z Performance (285/35R19 versus 275/35R19).

The tires are fitted to lightweight, NISMO-specific, gloss black RAYS 19-inch wheels. Although the wheels are 0.5 inch wider than the 19-inch wheels on Z Performance (10 inches wide front, 10.5 inches wide rear), their advanced construction means the NISMO-specific wheels are slightly lighter, the company said.

Engineers enhanced the Z NISMO braking system by upgrading the front brakes to larger, 15.0-inch rotors matched to 13.8-inch rear brake rotors, and equipping a more performance-focused brake pad compound.

Nissan Adds Z NISMO Model | THE SHOP

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