KPI — August 2023: Recent Vehicle Recalls

2022-2023 Toyota Tundra/Tundra Hybrid Trucks

Vehicles Affected: Toyota is recalling approximately 168,000 model-year 2022-2023 Tundra and Tundra hybrid pickup trucks.

The Problem: A fuel tube may rub against a brake line and cause a fuel leak, thereby increasing the risk of a fire.

The Fix: Dealers will replace the fuel tube and add additional clamps to the vehicle as necessary, for free. Since the replacement parts are currently unavailable, dealers will install protective materials and a clamp on the fuel tube as a temporary remedy. Toyota will begin notifying affected owners by early October.

2024 Subaru Crosstrek and Impreza Hatchback

Vehicles Affected: Subaru is recalling 35,300 model-year 2024 Crosstrek SUVs and Impreza hatchbacks.

The Problem: The instrument panel harness may lack sufficient clearance and potentially come into contact with the steering beam bracket as a result. The automaker says if the harness and steering beam bracket come into contact with each other, then the harness’s wire insulation could become damaged and cause a short-circuit.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect the harness and install an additional clamp on the steering beam bracket. In addition, damaged vehicles will receive protective tape or have the harness replaced, as necessary and for free. Owners will be notified Oct. 3.

2022-2023 Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer

Vehicles Affected: Stellantis is recalling approximately 44,700 model-year 2022-2023 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs.

The Problem: The upper B-pillar interior trim may not be fully secured. As a result, it could interfere with the deployment of the side curtain airbags, thereby increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect and reseat or replace the trim pieces as necessary, for free. Stellantis will begin notifying owners Sept. 22.

Hyundai/Kia Recall 52,000 Vehicles

Vehicles Affected: Hyundai is recalling approximately 52,000 vehicles, including model-year 2023 Elantra and Sonata sedans; model-year 2023 Kona and Tucson SUVs; and model-year 2023-2024 Palisade SUVs. More than 39,700 Kias are also affected, including model-year 2023 Soul and Sportage SUVs and model-year 2023-2024 Seltos SUVs.

The Problem: The issue is with the electronic controller for the idle stop-and-go oil pump assembly, which may have been damaged during the manufacturing process. The issue could affect operation and lead to heat damage to the electric oil pump circuit board, connector and wiring harness, increasing the risk of a fire and injury.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect and replace the electric oil pump controller as necessary, for free. Until then, owners are advised to park outside and away from structures. Both automakers will send owner notification letters at the end of September.

2017-2022 Kia Niro/Niro PHEV

Vehicles Affected: After recalling more than 39,700 vehicles during the first week of August, Kia is summoning an additional 121,400. Affected vehicles include model-year 2017-2022 Niros and model-year 2018-2022 Niro PHEVs.

The Problem: The automaker says the PCB in the hydraulic clutch actuator may come into contact with fluid and cause an electrical short circuit. A short circuit may increase the risk of an engine compartment fire while driving.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect and replace the hydraulic clutch actuator and install a new fuse as necessary, for free. Kia will send owner notification letters Sept. 29.

*All recall information is courtesy of Cars.com

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