Katech Exceeds 1,300 Horsepower on E85

It was only a month ago when Katech was shooting to push the new LT5 engine past 1,000 horsepower on E85. Not only did the company succeed, but it’s since hit a new high mark on its quest for more horsepower with the same engine.

Watch the above video as Katch tests the limits of its dyno with a twin-turbo, direct injected (DI only) LT5 making 1308hp on E85.

“To our knowledge, this is the highest horsepower Gen 5 DI E85-powered engine ever tested,” the company said on the video description. “It’s also the highest horsepower LT5 ever tested, and a personal best for Katech’s Cell 2 Dyno (rated at 1,000 horsepower).”

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