Internet Parts: To Service or Not to Service

Editor’s NoteThe following excerpt was taken from an article titled “Bring Your Own Parts” in the August issue of THE SHOP magazine, mailing soon. Read the whole article in print or digital.  

BYOP. Bring Your Own Parts. Is your shop ready to address this thorny issue, and what’s the best approach?

It’s a tough one, especially in this industry. Your customers likely have varying levels of mechanical aptitude, but as car nuts, many want to at least try to do some of their own work.

Are you willing to come to their rescue when they need help? Or, are the potential headaches and problems not worth the risk?

Money is usually the main issue. Customers often think they can save a few dollars buying their own parts online, at a garage sale or swap meet, or from friends or fellow enthusiasts. But that means your shop loses a sale. Can it be made up in installation? Is it worth it to even try?

The subject has more points than an angry porcupine. Like, are customers solely responsible for parts that they bring in? And does that take the shop off the hook for any warranty issues? Are shops expected to stand by their installation of outside parts? And how does the policy ultimately affect the business and its reputation?

We polled a variety of aftermarket shops on their BYOP stances, discovering that there is no right answer, other than the one that works for you and your customers.

Read the August issue of THE SHOP to read the entirity of this article. The August issue mails out and will be available online on 7/12.

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