How to Upsell a Truck Shell for 3 Types of Consumers

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We’ve all dealt with the casual customer that wandered into our shops with a general curiosity and seemingly no plans at all. We’ve even dealt with the “heavy researcher” who knows exactly what they want before they even call to ask for the price of a particular unit. Both are something we can easily deal with. 

However, there is a third type of “middle ground” customer that knows they want a truck bed cover of some sort but isn’t sure what to look or ask for.

We should be paying extra attention to and providing better answers for this type of customer. Here are some simple ideas that will help you provide the best service to this “middle ground” customer. Leave them with a sense of satisfaction, knowing you helped them find the best fit for their vehicle.

The Family or Lay Consumer

For the most part, you will find that a large number of “middle ground” consumers fall into the non-descript category of the “lay person,” or just the average family. Perhaps someone they know has a truck shell or topper, and they feel that it’s a logical next step for the utility of their pickup. When conversing with them, it’s important to ask questions and make observations about some of their less obvious daily needs.

Customers probably know that a truck shell will provide shade from the sun, protection from the elements and security. That said, there are a number of features and upgrades that this particular consumer might not realize they want from their shell. Be sure to point out optional dog screens if they have a family dog, as well as improved front sliding windows that can give them or their passengers quick and easy access to the pup. 

If they have children, consider offering an upgrade from standard side windows to an option like Windoors so that they can use the bed of the truck as a getaway for little ones at their next campsite. Of course, when it comes to a shell, you can get them thinking forward to a roof rack and rails for extra cargo space. Even cargo nets and boxes can be a helpful consideration and an easy add-on while they’re making their purchase.

The Sportsman or Outdoorsman

Two of the easier “middle ground” consumers to assist are the sportsman and the outdoorsman. With a little bit of insight, we can better offer them the upgrades that will immediately assist them. You can even offer some tips that might leave them pleasantly surprised in the future.

If your customer is a sportsman who enjoys anything from fishing to hunting, there’s a simple and straightforward upgrade that is typically considered useful for a business person: a clothing hanger! This useful add-on isn’t strictly reserved for business suits. Being able to hang and dry their favorite hunting shirt or weather gear away from the cab could make a large difference when they least expect it. Many hunters stuff their gear in a bag or just toss it into a pile of gear, leading to a frustrating unpacking situation when they return home. 

Another straightforward upgrade is the fishing rod holder. This keeps them ready to drop a line anytime they travel. Be sure to push upgrades like SnugTop’s “Sportsman Package” and explain the possibilities of increased roof rack capacities, improved interior lighting options, improved liners and the potential of a rooftop tent for their adventure or hunting camp.

The Tradesman

Sometimes, a skilled working person knows that they need something to up their game, but they aren’t sure what they need, or even what’s possible. From carpenters to plumbers, electricians to filmmakers and photographers, there is a commercial solution for everyone. It’s an easy upsell when you’re offering a truck storage solution that keeps gear organized and easily accessible, while safe and secure. For those who rely on the tools of their trade, it’s a no brainer.

You could be surprised to learn that an “outdoor enthusiast” who walks into your shop might also be a professional photographer with a number of tools – and opportunities for storage needs. Quick access to drones, charging gear/stations, tripods, go bags and other on-the-job gear could make a solid argument for the upgrade to a commercial unit with modular side access tool boxes. The additional potential of add-on storage bins for things like batteries, lens cleaning gear and small electronics tools are a lot more appealing to someone who needs to be nimble and keep their cab clear of cluttered gear.

Another consideration to offer consumers like electricians or plumbers is the ability to blend in. Nowadays, a lot of large cities are dealing with increased vehicle break-ins. The first major component of fighting these types of crimes is eliminating yourself as a potential target. This means these customers could be drawn to a shell option that doesn’t look like the average fleet construction vehicle (which everyone knows is full of valuable tools). 

A less obvious option like the SnugTop SnugPro or the LEER Cap 100RCC or 180RCC allows a pickup to look like an ordinary shelled truck, while still offering the versatility of the classic commercial style aluminum unit. Pointing out the concept of visual security could be the ticket to opening additional options for this customer!

Always Think Outside the Box (or Shell)

Keep in mind that upgrades are not made for just one group of consumers. Upgrades can be used in a dozen way by a variety of customers who might not initially think of those options as vital. Take time to really contemplate their situation, and which truck shell and accessories will provide the best service and experience for them. If you leave them with a sense of satisfaction and an understanding that their needs are considered, they’ll come back time and time again.

Pickup truck owners always have friends with unshelled pickups, so be sure to take every chance to be the one they remember. If they trust you to think about the unseen or unrealized opportunities for them, they’ll definitely recommend their friends to you.

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