How to Sell and Install the Next Generation of Powered Running Boards

ARIES, a leading company in the truck and off-road accessories market, recently released its latest product innovation, the ARIES ActionTrac powered running board. Consider this all-encompassing guide your leading resource for making this innovative product a fast mover and high seller at your shop.

What is it?

The new ARIES ActionTrac powered running board is the ideal solution for customers with large, lifted trucks and Jeeps. The steps fold out as needed and are safely retracted during travel. The motor, pivot points and all electrical compontents are shielded from the elements within the main housing.

The running board features a power step that automatically deploys 8 inches when the door opens and up to 15-inches below the doorsill, depending on the vehicle. The product notably includes a patented step-within-a-step design-”the main housing is equipped with an additional step on top, providing easy, two-step access.

The steps and housing are constructed from extruded, powder-coated 6061-T6 aluminum, making them strong but lightweight and non-corrosive.

The retractable step, pivot points and all electrical components are safely protected within the main housing, shielding them from mud, road grime and the elements. This greatly prolongs the life of the steps and avoids tedious maintenance and replacement. The wiring components and single, rotary motor are also waterproof/water-resistant for long-lasting durability.

Some of the other cool features of these next-gen powered running boards include a control module to avoid pinch hazards, integrated LEDs for added visibility, a 650-pound static weight rating, a made-in-USA construction and a limited lifetime warranty.

The ARIES ActionTrac powered running board is available for the Jeep Wrangler JK and JL, with select applications of pickup trucks and SUVs coming soon.

How to Sell it

The customers who will benefit from this most are those with large, offroad-style vehicles, including pickup trucks and Jeep Wranglers.

ActionTrac boards are also extremely beneficial for families with young children or elderly passengers. The two-step access allows for safer, easier entry and exit from the vehicle.

ARIES has developed a number of marketing assets to help dealers promote ActionTrac in their stores and on their websites. A trifold literature piece and a lenticular poster are both available for shops to display and promote the running boards. The trifold has a 21″ x 11″ poster on one side and product features and benefits on the other. The 24″ x 48″ lenticular poster is the perfect interactive marketing tool that you will never have to plug in or replace the batteries on.

ARIES has shot installation and feature-benefit videos that are great for running a loop in the shop or showing to customers as a selling tool. In addition to the items mentioned above, ARIES is working on a functional wall display to show just how this advanced running board works.

How to Install it

Automated power running boards have a reputation in the industry for excessively long installation times. ARIES ActionTrac powered running boards are engineered to remedy this problem for shop owners and installers.

First, the brackets mount using pre-existing factory holes. This eliminates the need for drilling and the need for alignment on the pivot points without the risk of binding. Second, ActionTrac is a self-contained system that uses a direct battery connection rather than splicing into factory wiring. For additional details, view the how-to installation video below.

These two factors allow for an installation time of about an hour to an hour-and-a-half versus the typical three or four hours required by competitive models.

Click to review the ARIES ActionTrac powered running board application guide.

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If you’re looking for the next big thing in Jeep Wrangler and truck accessories, the ARIES ActionTrac powered running board is here. The all-new running board is the next generation of automated, retractable side steps. Two key features make this running board unique to the industry, benefiting both consumers and dealers: A patented step-within-a-step design and a fast, easy, no-splice and no-drill bracket installation.

For more information, view the product page or visit ariesautomotive.com.

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