Hellwig ‘Enforcement’ Targets Saggy-Bottom Trucks

The Hellwig Load and Sway Patrol was out in full force at King of the Hammers (KoH) a few weeks ago.

“We were on patrol informing race fans how to properly set up their tow rigs for optimal safety and efficiency,” the company stated in a news release. “Load and Sway Patrol Officer Mike Hallmark patrolled Hammertown and ensured that all attendees were in compliance. Because at Hellwig Products, we’re always on patrol.”

Hellwig created a video parodying the long running TV show Cops to make its point about improved towing gear while at KoH.

“While we were out there, we wanted to show how to properly set up a tow rig when hauling out your camper or OHV. So, our resident expert got behind the wheel of the Operator and did his best tongue-in-cheek cop impression to help attendees set up their rig to ensure they’re safe and in control when traveling down the road,” Hellwig stated in its release.

See the resulting video above.

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