Gittin Jr. Drifts ‘The Ring’

Vaughn Gittin, Jr., is the first person to ever drift the entire 12.9 mile Nürburgring, according to Ford Performance. Gittin, Jr., drifted the entire course in his 900-horsepower Ford Mustang RTR.

Gittin, Jr., actually made it to the Nürburgring in Nüburg, Germany earlier in the year for the stunt, but the weather did not cooperate, according to Nitto Tire, which outfitted his Ford with its rubber.

“When all was said and done, from the Karussell to the Fuchsröhre, he had done it, drifting the entire Nürburgring,” according to a Nitto blog post. “This is the first time that anyone has drifted the entire course.”

Watch Gittin, Jr.’s drifting adventure in the above video.

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