Gildred Racing Reveals Tesla-Powered MINI EV Conversion

Gildred Racing has launched a new Tesla-powered, 300-hp 1971 MINI, the first-ever Gildred Racing Super Cooper EV.

“The Super Cooper EV utilizes a high voltage system developed by Electric Classic Cars, the world’s premier gasoline-to-electric conversion company. They built a phenomenal system for an EV MINI conversion,” comments Tyler Gildred, President and Owner of Gildred Racing. “It’s so pure in terms of what a classic MINI is and should be, that I really think the new Super Cooper EV is going to be something that we focus on a lot moving forward. I really love it.”

Designed to deliver a sustainable vintage-styled MINI, the new line of Gildred Racing Super Cooper EV incorporates a Tesla small drive unit, taken from a dual motor Model S or X, capable of nearly 300-hp and 250 lbs. of torque. The high-capacity battery allows for 150 miles of range on a single charge, the company said.

Gildred Racing Reveals Tesla-Powered MINI EV Conversion | THE SHOP

Each Gildred Racing Super Cooper EV is customizable, the company said, and delivers electrification paired with modern conveniences such as A/C and heating alongside premium audio systems.

Gildred Racing starts each Super Cooper EV conversion with a restoration of a vintage MINI. Each commission is then adapted to fit the client’s driving style and usage preferences with vehicle acceleration, maximum throttle, and regenerative braking considered, the company said. An on-board selector switch can further accommodate a driver’s situational needs with Normal and performance-oriented Sport driving options.

Gildred Racing’s first new Super Cooper EV is a 1971 Leyland MINI finished in Riviera Blue with a gray roof and a houndstooth cream and light gray fabric interior. The interior cabin retains an authentic 1970s aesthetic with Smiths style instruments, center binnacle and open dash design, Gildred Racing’s designers said.

“This is about the fastest, smoothest, best driving classic MINI that you can really hope for,” comments Nathan Hoagland, Mechanic and Fabricator at Gildred Racing. “We wanted to keep this first EV classic with a streamlined dash and controls so that any driver could just get in and go. It looks and feels like a classic MINI, except with a whole lot more power, better drivability, and a much quieter experience for everyone inside the vehicle.”

Gildred Racing Reveals Tesla-Powered MINI EV Conversion | THE SHOP

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