Genesis Rolls Out Third-Generation G80

The all-new Genesis G80—which premiered digitally last month—represents both the third generation of the brand’s executive sedan and a decade-plus of mid-luxury leadership from Genesis’ parent company.

“The all-new G80 is the centerpiece of our lineup, perfectly weighing athletic and elegant characteristics. This represents the clearest interpretation yet of the Genesis brand identity,” said SangYup Lee, senior vice president, head of global Genesis design. “Our goal is to offer unique, design-inspired experiences for our customers.”

The brand’s “Athletic Elegance” design philosophy produces variations in design through a carefully considered balance between its namesake’s opposing characteristics. While other Genesis models lean more towards athleticism or elegance, the G80 is characterized by balancing in between.
The front view embodies a distinguished but modern look, featuring the Crest Grill and double-lined Quad Lamp signature design elements. The two-line graphics extend beyond the limits of the headlamps, into the rear fenders and the taillamps, encompassing all sides of the vehicle.

On the side, the Parabolic Line, which begins at the front Quad Lamp and gradually runs lower to the rear through the top of the door, is inspired by the elegant look of several venerable classic cars. This is counter-balanced by athletic “power lines” emphasizing the fender volume and the upfitted 20-inch wheels. In addition, the chrome trim beginning from behind the front wheels stretches out along the bottom of the door, crosses the side sills and swells upwards to the rear, strengthening forward visual motion.

The rear view features a dramatic, tapered look—highlighted by a sloping decklid and rear Quad Lamps which visually link to those in front. Chrome decor at the top of the trunk stretches the full width, repeating the theme of the Genesis emblem, while the dual exhaust finishers reference the Crest Grill design.

Genesis Rolls Out Third-Generation G80 | THE SHOP

The interior design of the G80 is a response to these changing times, in which dominance of technology and information is no longer considered a luxury experience. Based on the “Beauty of White Space” concept inspired by traditional Korean architecture, priority is placed on the careful balance of personal space with state-of-the-art technology.

Visibility is enhanced by minimizing A-pillar thickness and rearview mirror dimensions, utilizing flag type side mirrors and reducing dashboard height. The resulting ‘panoramic view’ gives the driver a relaxed view of the road ahead and a sense of openness.

The steering wheel and thin air vents run across the passenger compartment, splitting it into the panoramic area above and the control area below. The number of hard buttons and switches was intentionally kept to a minimum, both for aesthetic purposes and for ease of use.

In the panoramic area, a heads-up display, a 12.3-inch instrument cluster and a 14.5-inch infotainment system display necessary information while driving.

The control area is equipped with an intuitive suite of interfaces: a Genesis integrated controller for HVAC controls, a rotary-operated electronic shift dial and a touch-and-write infotainment system.

Both headroom and legroom were increased in the G80 by lowering the seating height of the second row, allowing for both more interior room and a more dramatic roofline. Leather seating and steering wheel surfaces, soft-touch fabrics and coatings as well as open pore wood trims finish the space.

Other interior features include:

• The driver’s seat is equipped with an ergo motion seat function featuring seven air cells. This enables optimum seating for each driving mode and reduces fatigue via a stretching mode and automatic posture correction functions.

• Ambient mood lamps applied throughout the interior add a sense of calm to the passenger space in various colors.

• From a sound standpoint, Genesis has enhanced the engine’s sound with its Active Sound Design (ASD), standard on all G80s equipped with gasoline engines, adding an additional level of customization.

• The Lexicon sound system allows passengers to enjoy the vivid sound effects of a concert through modes such as “Quantum Logic Surround Audience Mode/Stage Mode,” adding to the joy of listening.

Genesis Rolls Out Third-Generation G80 | THE SHOP

The G80’s platform represents a brand-exclusive, third-generation, rear-wheel drive platform with a design that lowers the body and the center of gravity to secure a wider cabin and improved driving stability.

“The all-new G80 brings all the existing strengths from the previous generations all the while upgrading the powertrain, platform and communication system with state-of the art technologies,” said Albert Biermann, president, head of the research and development division at Hyundai Motor Group. “It is a true, authentic Genesis.”

The use of lighter-weight materials was a distinct focus. Aluminum is used for about 19 percent of the body, reducing the weight by 243 lbs. compared to the previous one, thus increasing fuel efficiency and performance.

Engineered for world markets and customer needs, the G80 features three powertrains:

• 2.5-liter turbocharged Inline-4: 300 HP and 311 lb.-ft. of torque

• 3.5-liter turbocharged V6: 375 HP and 391 lb.-ft. of torque

The G80 also features improved door sealing, new engine compartment sound insulation and resonant sound-reducing wheels to ensure indoor quietness and class-leading, low levels of noise (NVH). In addition, the Electronically Controlled Suspension with Road Preview enhances ride quality by reducing road impacts using information supplied through the front camera.

Genesis Rolls Out Third-Generation G80 | THE SHOP

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