Front License Plate Cramping Car Style? Consider the Plate Retractor

TEGO Automotive Products has launched its patented TEGO License Plate Retractor (LPR), an app-enabled retractable front license plate bracket that allows style-conscious drivers to avoid tickets and unsightly holes in their front bumpers.

The License Plate Retractor is installed underneath the front splash guard of most cars, trucks and SUVs-often in under an hour, according to TEGO. The motorized slide extends and retracts in under 4 seconds by way of the TEGO app for Android and iOS, which also shows the current open or closed state License Plate Retractor.

Drivers can now decide between displaying their front plate for legal compliance on the road and tucking it away for photo shoots, car meets, or privacy, according to TEGO Automotive Products.

“For far too long, we’ve had to choose between our cars looking the way they are designed to look and obeying the law,” said Amir Fathi, CEO of TEGO Automotive Products. “The TEGO LPR solves the problem completely and efficiently, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to market for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.”

The TEGO License Plate Retractor has been tested extensively for durability and is FCC and Bluetooth certified, having successfully endured over 1.5 million multi-directional vibrations and over 200 hours of extreme temperature exposure in laboratory testing, according to the company.

Visit tegoway.com for more information.

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