From the Mag: The Audience is Listening

Why does content creation matter? Some shops create content because it makes them feel relevant and provides a degree of visibility.

But, if the content isn’t good, or if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience, then you’re not going to get the type of response you’re looking for, contributor Jason R. Sakurai says in the September issue of THE SHOP Magazine.

Today’s consumption-driven audience has caused content fatigue, and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s vitally important that you understand how to communicate with consumers in a meaningful way.

Purpose & Ownership

Ownership takes place when a shop has fundamental beliefs at its core—a cause or purpose worth fighting for. Purpose is more than a slogan on the wall; it’s a call to action.

As such, you want your cores competencies, including what you stand for, to be delivered through all content touchpoints, social media included.

Interactivity vs. Static Content

Instead of being frustrated by a lack of interest in the content you post, consider producing a narrative that facilitates dialogue and compels interactivity.

According to Ion Interactive, 93% of interactive content is effective in educating buyers, versus only 70% of static content. Examples of this are posting great images, creating a poll or sharing a ranked list.

Gauging Their Response

Don’t assume young adults will respond to content marketing the same way older generations do. Younger generations have shown that they are capable of consuming vast amounts of content, as long as its good. If you want them to spend more time following your content, you have to make it worthwhile.

Today’s Communication Methods

While a negative response to something you post may appear less serious than an in-person complaint, don’t assume so. This is one way Gen-Xers and millennials will let you know if they are displeased.

A Culture of Caring

Perhaps wrongly so, younger generations have been characterized as self-centered and narcissistic. Oddly enough, they are also responsible for crowdfunding, social media revolutions, calls for equal justice and transparency in charitable giving.

With this in mind, humbly letting others know about your generosity could form the basis for some great content. In addition, it may inspire others to follow your lead, do it on their own, or seek other opportunities to donate or perform work for a charitable organization.

Be Real

Creating better content is both an art and a science. Pay attention to those that are doing it right—attracting large numbers of followers and transitioning them into buyers.

Whether it’s content for your website, email blasts or social media posts, realize that it takes a dedicated effort. The work you put into it will pay dividends.

Click here to read the full article from Jason R. Sakurai in the digital version of THE SHOP Magazine’s September issue.

Jason R. Sakurai

Jason R. Sakurai heads up Roadhouse Marketing, a marketing, advertising and sales solutions firm dedicated to the automotive aftermarket. A frequent contributor to THE SHOP, Jason’s byline appears in many enthusiast and trade publications, in print and online.

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