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If you have a limited amount of time and money, then investing them in the right place is vital to the success of your aftermarket shop. To ensure your marketing investments hit the nail on the head, you must prioritize the most important places to invest.

From blogs and social media to video and email marketing, there are many essentials that contribute to your company’s online success. But where should you focus your time and effort? Which should you prioritize to make the most of your marketing and get the best return on investment?

Today we’ll guide you through some marketing tools you can use to get your name out there. We’ll show you what they’re used for, how to use them, and help determine which are the best options for your business.

Where to Start

What type of marketing should you invest in for your automotive aftermarket shop?

There are a lot of strategies designed to help you stand out online. But which are the best ones to invest in first—video, blogging, social media, email, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or something else?

With so many options, it can be pretty overwhelming when you’re starting off. So let’s take a closer look at the top five marketing strategies used by aftermarket auto restoration and performance shops to help you get a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

Social Media Marketing

Studies show 77% of social media marketers say that their social media marketing strategies have been effective this year.

So, social media is a fantastic option to invest in because of how effective it is and because it’s easy to do. Plus, it doesn’t take too much time out of your day.

You only have to update your social media three to five times a week, which isn’t that much if you think about it. Plus, many social media platforms allow you to schedule posts in advance, so you can organize a whole month of posts in one day, if desired.

Organic social media marketing allows you to enhance your presence online. An active social media account also shows your audience that you’re an actual, trustworthy business.

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Barry Alt

Barry Alt and the Motorhead Digital team are digital marketing experts with over 25 years of experience who are focused on supporting automotive aftermarket restoration, performance, race, and restyling shops. Their signature Marketing Maximizer™, Location Maximizer™, and Site Maximizer™ programs will supercharge your digital marketing including website design, social media, SEO search engine rank, content marketing, and your entire online presence so you attract better leads who want to spend more money with you. You can reach him at (585) 766-9785, balt@motorheaddigital.com, or online at MotorheadDigital.com.

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