From the Mag: Just Fix It!

Jul 13, 2020

As a shop owner, you may look at repairs as a necessary evil, restyler and contributor Josh Poulson says in the August Issue of THE SHOP Magazine. After all, if you’re offering any kind of product, there are bound to be failures or defects from time to time, or even an improper installation. Regardless, it takes time and effort to figure out the problem and negatively affects your bottom line.

But, Poulson says, the word repair doesn’t have to give you nightmares.

The Upside of Repair Work

If you are installing many different types of products throughout your shop, chances are your team has developed an ability to diagnose problems and fix issues. With this kind of process and training already in place, consider simply turning this ability into a revenue stream by diagnosing customers’ problems and offering solutions.

What are some ways to turn repairs into revenue? The first step, Poulson says, create some marketing that showcases your team’s years of experience in diagnosing and fixing common issues, but leave out pricing. Second, make sure your team is promoting your business as a repair facility. He also suggest that you branch out and repair other aftermarket or factory products from brands you don’t offer.

Making It Happen

What should you charge for a repair? Many shops have a flat, hourly retail rate, but to become known as a repair shop and use it as a revenue stream, you’ll want to first gain the customer.

One approach Poulson and his team at Auto Additions in Columbus, Ohio, have found successful is offering a free diagnosis, which immediately breaks down barriers because the customer has nothing to lose except a little bit of time.

Often times, if the issue is explained well and your quote is reasonable, you will gain the trust of the customer and turn the quote into a sale on the spot.

Performing Partial Repairs

Sometimes a free diagnosis can also lead to immediate partial repair revenue. If a customer has a power sunroof that won’t close or a remote start that keeps draining the battery, in addition to the free quote, you could partially fix the issue by getting the sunroof closed or disconnecting the remote start. Offering a discount on the partial repair could turn into securing the business for a full repair, or more importantly, gaining a customer by being reasonable.

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