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Brent Leivestad is a builder. For starters, he built his business from the ground up.

Parts Finder International, now PFI Speed, began as a parts liaison service over 20 years ago. Leivestad scoured junkyards for rare parts to buy and sell. Today, PFI Speed in Fort Lupton, Colorado offers performance parts, fabrication, wiring, engine building, transmission builds and full dyno tuning.

A Level of Excitement

Featuring a shop layout that covers 7,800 sq. ft. and includes 11 bays and two dynos, it’s no surprise that one of PFI Speed’s specialties is tuning.

The shop’s customer demographic is widespread, reflecting Colorado’s flourishing car culture. The automotive enthusiasts and racers who entrust the shop with their rides range from newly licensed high school students to families that want to get everyone involved to retirees who just want to go fast as soon as possible.

All pricing is based on the surrounding market to stay competitive, but the team also evaluates individual projects to keep it fair for everyone.

Seeing is Believing

After appearing in Boosted Boiz YouTube videos, the PFI team began making its own videos, with the goal of teaching and helping others grow. The videos feature the brands the shop has found reliable, while keeping things as budget-minded and accessible as possible.

The excitement for its builds is also shared on the company’s Instagram profile.

Aside from typical speed bumps that small businesses always navigate, the team’s biggest challenge these days is keeping up with communication and heavy email traffic.

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