From the Mag: Circle Track Market Roundup

Dec 6, 2019

While it’s down time for circle track racers, aftermarket racing and performance shops are kicking things into high gear as cars get torn down and rebuilt in preparation for the 2020 season. In the December issue of THE SHOP Magazine, John Carollo gave a preview of what shops should expect in the upcoming year.

What Moves You

Outside factors, specifically the economy, can affect the racing industry, especially, Carollo says, in an election year. But engaged sponsors and fans, he added, can help mitigate the effects of any cautiousness during uncertain times.

Another influential trend Carollo highlights, citing RaceQuip Marketing Director Roger Mealey, are store bought cars. A more expensive option than building your own racecar, the growth of store bought vehicles has had a negative effect on car counts. But the aftermarket could have a solution.

Do What You Do

Manufacturers offered up several tips, Carollo says, which can help shops build and maintain business during the crucial off-season months. Those tips cover everything from what products to sell, how to get involved at the local track and keeping up with safety equipment requirements.

What to Watch For

Circle track racing is a staple of the performance industry, Carollo says, and aftermarket shops should be optimistic about the future of the sport. Between increased access to quality parts and engaged and enthusiastic fanbases, things are looking pretty bright for the racing industry.

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