From the Mag: The Power of Packages

Courtney Pahlke from Top Coverage, a Chicago-area restyler, has plenty of experience working with dealerships. In the November issue of THE SHOP Magazine, Pahlke offered up some wisdom on how dealers can enhance their inventory and really harness the power of packages.

The Right Ride

Pahlke says a successful dealership package starts with vehicle selection, and that starts with finding a base model with the greatest spread to the next trim level.

Optimum Upgrades

In order to satisfy all parties involved, it’s important to include attractive products that consumers want, Pahlke says. The key is to find a price point where both the restyler and the dealership can tack on their profits, all while giving the customer a discount.

Restylers Know Best

Pahlke also suggests involving the sales team when building packages, giving them a better understanding of the target vehicles and the difference between each trim level. This approach to restyling packages is the focus of the inaugural PRO Cup Challenge at SEMA this year. Click here to read about this unique and educational competition.

Get the full details in the THE SHOP Mag’s Digital Version.

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